Amb. Amina Mohamed, C.S Ministry of Foreign Affairs when she held an inter generational dialogue with the founder, staff and students of the African Leadership University in Mauritius.

Amb. Dr. Amina Mohamed, Kenya’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and aspiring Chairperson of the African Union Commission held an intergenerational dialogue with the founder, staff and students of the African Leadership University in Mauritius.  Dr. Mohamed was in Mauritius to deliver H.E Uhuru Kenyatta’s special message to the Prime Minister of Mauritius and to open official bilateral discussions between Kenya and Mauritius.

The Chairman and founder of the African Leadership Academy and University Fred Swaniker described Dr. Amina Mohamed as the best choice for Africa in the upcoming African Union Commission Chairperson elections.

Speaking at the University, Dr. Mohamed said that it was time to create the continent that Africans deserve-based on common values of governance, the rule of law, pan Africanism and sustainability.  She spoke of the importance of nurturing good leadership and disrupting traditional forms of exclusionary leadership and the need to give young people a chance to lead and to solve the continent’s toughest challenges. 

Dr. Mohamed encouraged the students to embrace sacrifice as the real test of leadership and to break barriers interfering with personal growth and development. She was emphatic that linear solutions cannot solve the world’s toughest challenges.  Rather, innovation and positive disruptive solutions are key to unlocking solutions to new and existing challenges.

The African Leadership University’s approach to education and learning is innovative and disruptive. The University expands the intellectual and creative spaces available to learners through a hybrid system of education that combines classroom experience with practical work experience.  The target of the institution and its founders is to build 25 campuses across Africa, each with 10,000 students at any given time, making a total of 25,000 students across Africa. Over the next 50 years, the academy targets 3,000,000 students.  Plans to establish an African Leadership School of Government are underway.

The University has identified 7 grand challenges that call for immediate attention in Africa: urbanisation, healthcare, education, climate change, infrastructure, job creation and governance.  In order to tackle these challenges, opportunities lie in agriculture, empowerment of women, regional integration, arts and culture, tourism and conservation.

ALU is a modern institute of learning that breaks the silos of specialisation and shapes young thinkers to take decisive and bold leadership. Dr. Amina who is a known driver of transformative reforms and projects hailed this model as a necessary catalyst to solid, informed and dependable decision-making.